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Hi Tom
Sorry for the delay.....
My hearing has been steadily deteriorating over the last few years following an ear infection. After another hearing test I was devastated to be told that I was likely to lose all my hearing 'in the medium term' which was estimated to be 10 years. 
My confidence waned as my embarrassment and frustration grew. I increasingly avoided social events unless I had a friend or family member with me who could repeat conversations or comments that I missed. Shopping, particularly grocery shopping, was difficult as I could not pack away my purchases and at the same time watch to see if the cashier spoke to me, and, unless I could see the total amount displayed on the till, trying to decipher what the bill came to, frequently impossible.
It was suggested that taking lip reading lessons might help my situation, and attending Tom's classes has been instrumental in accepting and overcoming my hearing problem. From the first lesson of Tom's 'coping with hearing  loss and Lip reading' classes, I picked up so many tips in how to handle situations. Where best to sit if in a group, how to ask questions so that I received the definitive answer I needed, e.g. did you say...... so that the answer was yes or no, what assistance can be expected at the theatre, travelling etc. as well as develop my lip reading skills.
I now feel confident and no longer embarrassed about my deafness. Tom has demonstrated the problems in lip reading are not always mine, and I am now quite comfortable telling people I have a hearing impairment and ask them to repeat anything that I have missed. 
May 2016

I was lucky enough to attended  some of Tom Kane's classes and was so thankful I did. They gave me back my self  confidence  which  I had lost because of my Hearing loss. They also helped me with Lip reading and  body language.

Tom is an amazing teacher thoughtful and understanding, I would highly recommend his classes

Mon, 11 Apr, 2016


All i can say is, if it wasn’t for the classes my wife and I attended when Tom was at Stone running his classes I dread to think what kind of world we both wold be living in now.

Tom gave my wife back the will to meet and the will to communicate with other people again after losing 90% of hearing, I also began to understand what it was like to have some kind of hearing loss it was a great help when we both needed it. Thanks Tom.

Malcom Le Marrec
Fri, 15 Apr, 2016
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