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Deaf Awareness

Hearing loss can affect our work, our social lives, our relationships with our families and friends and our status in society.
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Course Content

Our courses are designed to help you understand about the ear, how it works and what happenes when it stops working
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We can provide with supoort and where to access this support
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Strategies to Cope

We help you put into place strategies to cope at home, int he workplace on holiday and in social situations
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Learn More About Us

Let us help you make you make a success of your deafness
  • What it is like to have a hearing loss
  • Levels of hearing loss
  • How to prevent your children losing ther hearing
  • What is Tinnitus
  • Is there a cure
  • Find out how the ear works
  • Communication Strategies
  • Being more confident in social situations
  • Equipment and services that can help
  • Local support groups and Lip reading Classes

Put Our Experience To The Test

We offer a large number of services to help your hearing

I joined the RAF in April 1975, whilst still in the RAF, at Cosford, in 2000; I lost a lot of my hearing and started to be troubled with Tinnitus.

I attended lip reading classes run at the time by the NHS, which helped me to cope with my deafness.

After finishing 30 years in the RAF, I decided I would like to become a lip reading teacher. I qualified in 2005, took my first class in September that year and have beenhelping deafened people, thier partners and friends ever since.

I am also the Chair of Shopshire Deaf & Hard of Hearing Forum, and, and the Training Officer for the Shropshire and RAF Cricket Officials Association.

I am still losing my hearing and I do have a hearing dog, Harley who helps me. I know the isolation that deafness can cause. I aim to empower a person with hearing loss, so that they can become an active member of society again. Whilst he;ping themselves and their family to understand the implications.

I am passionate about getting the message out there...

Look after your ears.

Tom & Harley

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about us
“I was lucky enough to attend some of Tom Kane's classes and was so glad I did. The gave me back my self confidence which I had lost because of my hearing loss. They also helped me with Lip Reading and Body Language. Tom is an amazing teacher, thoughtful and understanding, I would highly reccomend his classes”
June Shrewsbury.
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Chris Telford.
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Alison Oswestry
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